Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DJ Biting: DJs Jackin DJs

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The phenomenon of DJ Jacking is not as scarce as you might think it is.  DJs downloading circulated mp3s for their mixes is no big shocker.  One of the many realities of the Internet is how it puts billions of TBs of mp3s out there for anyone with a high speed connection to claim as their own.  Yet the idea of a DJ stealing from another DJs mixtape for the sole purpose of putting it into his or her own mixtape seemed so faux pas, I didn't think anyone would ever admit to doing it, much less ask how to do it.  

I was wrong, this kind of thing happens, it is a real issue. 

Read the DJForums.com Poll.  (<=Fair warning, long thread, drama)
Read the DiggersWithGratitude.com Poll. (<= less drama, more on point)

Forget about whether or not this can be done, we all know current technology not only makes this very easy and on top of that 100% free. 
So here is a question based on DJ ethics...  Do you think downloading another DJs mixtape (either a mixed mixtape or unmixed compilation of underground or exclusive Hip Hop Joints) and harvesting one or two songs for use in your own mix for whatever reason is acceptable?  Would you do it?

Keep in mind this question has nothing to do with harvesting samples from a mixtape for production reasons.  The question is specifically about removing a song from another DJs finished mixtape, masking the fact that it ever even was on a mix by either editing it, or covering up DJ drops, and mixing it into their own.  

I'm not gonna mince words, this is blatant DJ biting.  Yeah, I know, biting is not new to Hip Hop, but this form is the lowest of low.  What's next?  How about an MC literally stealing the audio vocals from another MCs A Capella, and pasting it in his own song, and then fronting like that was really him rapping.

Try not to get caught up into all the possible scenarios of why someone might try to do this, the choices are simply yes or no.  Comment if you are undecided, or have questions, but this is a black and white issue.  If you are voting, you must pick a side of the issue to stand on.

If you feel like explaining your vote, it goes without saying that comments are always welcome.



Is it OK for a DJ to extract a song from another DJs finished mixtape for the purpose of mixing it in their own mixtape?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

80s Video Archives Pt 2: The Disco Fever Reunion Show feat. MC Chill

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Another fuzzy but fantastic VHS to DVD to Youtube video coming at cha, this one's from 1986!  As the story goes, on April 4th, 1986, The celebrated night club The Disco Fever was closed.  Later that year, Video Music Box celebrated the Disco Fever’s 10 year anniversary of inception with a reunion of Disco Fever headliners and regulars at the Devils Nest in South Bronx.  After a brief introduction, this video features “red carpet” appearances by Jam Master Jay and the rest of Run DMC, the Fat Boys, Jalil and Whodini, The Real Roxanne, Grandmixer DST, MC Chill, Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde, DJ Galaxy, Rahiem and other members of the Furious 5, Mr. Magic, and ex-owner of Disco Fever Sal Abbatiello.   

Sweet G as it is plain to see in the place to be.

Sweet G kicks off the show with a short speech about why the Disco Fever closed, before MC Chill takes the stage as the opening act with a live version of MC Story.  This video features some top notch b-boying footage before after and during the live music.   

MC Chill telling an MC Story.


This is fairly long video, so I broke it up into shorter more manageable clips featuring individual performances.  

Stay tuned, part 2 of this tape is up next, featuring more historic live performances.   (Note: Regarding the audio quality, I had to clean up the audio significantly, it was barely audible and had tons of tape noise, so I did what I could to make this video more enjoyable without detracting from the sound too much.)  Enjoy!

 Click here to watch larger view of the video at youtube.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"C" is for Crate Digging: Sesame Street Records 101 Pt. 2

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Yesterday, while digging in my local record store's crates, I found a 3 LP box set I didn't have called Muppet Masquerade...

Well, it was supposed to be 3 LPs & 7 masks, but since it's a used kid record it had only 1 mask and 2 beat up and colored on LPs which had me looking like this guy...

Before walking away from the deal I noticed it had something else stacked underneath the sleeves in the box.  A whole heap of autographed OG Sesame Street promotional photos!  These were not intended to be included in this box set!  In other words, some groupie kid went to Sesame Street Live! and had a backstage pass and got these press-photos "autographed".  Sure, a record was missing, masks were missing, but the vinyl completionist collecting bug was temporarily quelled regardless since the press photos were included for mere 6 bucks.  This is essentially a "Best Of" collection, and most of the songs I have on other records, so this was a no-brainer addition to my Sesame Street Record collection.

70s hair in full effect for the original cast.
God I miss Mr Hooper!   He was the greatest cast member ever.
David rockin' the chops with a very young Maria.

Gordon and his sweetheart Olivia.  Were they married?

Back in the days when Snuffy was Big Bird's Imaginary Friend.  I used to yell at the TV "He's right there!"

Ahh, the good old days...  When kids TV was not nearly as A.D.D as Sponge Bob.