Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Old School Hip Hop Mixtape - Anti Drug, Pro Education, Crack Rap - Parental Advice

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Since I started digging in the crates for Hip Hop many moons ago, I have always had a special place for Old School Hip Hop.  It was one of the only eras that focused on the innocence of just having fun and one of the only times when it was "cool" to rap about making positive changes in the community.  Sure, there was a cheesiness factor to Old School Hip Hop, but they somehow managed to make it appropriately fresh for the time.  

Back then everyone said Hip Hop was a fad and it wasn't meant to last, and on top of everything, they said it was foul and a bad influence on urban youth.  Back then, just about everyone tried their hand at rapping, even non Hip Hop musicians, or little kids, or even preachers got their rap on.  Before rapping was exclusively a career for rappers, the market was literally flooded with rap records, a lot of it was frankly wack and forgettable and it gave ammo to the naysayers.  But also during that time a lot of rare underground Old School Hip Hop boasting of positive messages, anti-drug lyrics, anti-gang\anti-crime, and pro-eduction rap songs were released that actually sounded just as good as the typical rap being dropped in the 80s.  This mini-movement was pre conscious style Hip Hop that helped pave the way for the upcoming and more memorable conscious movement.

This compartmentalized music (sometimes called crack rap)  was something kids could even play for their parents to prove them wrong if they said it was all negatively influential music on the youth culture.  Some of this music was produced with top notch techniques, scratching, and qualified street spitters, and the good stuff is no less important than the "bang, bang", "shoot em up" music that followed in the late 80s.

Finally, after years of crate digging for rare early crack rap and anti-drug rap, I have accumulated enough 12" singles in this category to put it all on a mixtape for fans of early Hip Hop culture.  

Please spread the news of this mix to all who will appreciate the fun-loving, wholesome, feel-good throwback feeling contained in this mixtape.

DOWNLOAD... or Play the mixtape, and get more information about it HERE.  (including a collectively compiled track listing of this mix)

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Enjoy, and comments and feedback is always welcome!


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