Monday, January 31, 2011

Odd Shaped Records

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Ouch that's sharp! Who said that records had to be round? The needle will ride the groove as long as the groove is round. The records can be any shape imaginable as you can see. As far as I know, Pioneering artists Devo started this oddball concept of odd shaped records. Since that time I've collected a few, but I'm sure there's all kinds of odd shaped records I'm unaware of.

As Shown: (starting above)

Devo - Beautiful World
Gangrene - Sawblade EP
DJ Shadow vs. Radiohead - The Gloaming Remix
DJ Shadow vs. Cage - The Grand Ol' Party Crash
Mr. Lif - Santa's Got A Motherf*ckin' Uzi (Great De La Soul Cover!)

This takes picture discs to a whole nutha level!

Calling out the Crate Diggers: Please add on! Mention any other odd shape records you have, and pictures are encouraged!

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