Thursday, February 16, 2012

80s Video Archives Pt 2: The Disco Fever Reunion Show feat. MC Chill

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Another fuzzy but fantastic VHS to DVD to Youtube video coming at cha, this one's from 1986!  As the story goes, on April 4th, 1986, The celebrated night club The Disco Fever was closed.  Later that year, Video Music Box celebrated the Disco Fever’s 10 year anniversary of inception with a reunion of Disco Fever headliners and regulars at the Devils Nest in South Bronx.  After a brief introduction, this video features “red carpet” appearances by Jam Master Jay and the rest of Run DMC, the Fat Boys, Jalil and Whodini, The Real Roxanne, Grandmixer DST, MC Chill, Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde, DJ Galaxy, Rahiem and other members of the Furious 5, Mr. Magic, and ex-owner of Disco Fever Sal Abbatiello.   

Sweet G as it is plain to see in the place to be.

Sweet G kicks off the show with a short speech about why the Disco Fever closed, before MC Chill takes the stage as the opening act with a live version of MC Story.  This video features some top notch b-boying footage before after and during the live music.   

MC Chill telling an MC Story.


This is fairly long video, so I broke it up into shorter more manageable clips featuring individual performances.  

Stay tuned, part 2 of this tape is up next, featuring more historic live performances.   (Note: Regarding the audio quality, I had to clean up the audio significantly, it was barely audible and had tons of tape noise, so I did what I could to make this video more enjoyable without detracting from the sound too much.)  Enjoy!

 Click here to watch larger view of the video at youtube.

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