Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"C" is for Crate Digging: Sesame Street Records 101 Pt. 2

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Yesterday, while digging in my local record store's crates, I found a 3 LP box set I didn't have called Muppet Masquerade...

Well, it was supposed to be 3 LPs & 7 masks, but since it's a used kid record it had only 1 mask and 2 beat up and colored on LPs which had me looking like this guy...

Before walking away from the deal I noticed it had something else stacked underneath the sleeves in the box.  A whole heap of autographed OG Sesame Street promotional photos!  These were not intended to be included in this box set!  In other words, some groupie kid went to Sesame Street Live! and had a backstage pass and got these press-photos "autographed".  Sure, a record was missing, masks were missing, but the vinyl completionist collecting bug was temporarily quelled regardless since the press photos were included for mere 6 bucks.  This is essentially a "Best Of" collection, and most of the songs I have on other records, so this was a no-brainer addition to my Sesame Street Record collection.

70s hair in full effect for the original cast.
God I miss Mr Hooper!   He was the greatest cast member ever.
David rockin' the chops with a very young Maria.

Gordon and his sweetheart Olivia.  Were they married?

Back in the days when Snuffy was Big Bird's Imaginary Friend.  I used to yell at the TV "He's right there!"

Ahh, the good old days...  When kids TV was not nearly as A.D.D as Sponge Bob.

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