Friday, February 4, 2011

Artist Direct: Normskola

Related to Elements: DJ, Underground Hip Hop, Crate Digging, Independent

Due to the magic of search engines, one of Metrowax's favorite underground\independent MCs found one of his staple tracks in the Magic Stack Vol. 1 mixtape dropped yesteryear. He called up Metrowax looking for an established place to sell his remaining sealed copies of this 'must-have' extremely rare Indie Hip Hop 12" Normskola - Half Man (see discogs entry)

I was there, I heard it go down. Wade, the owner of Metrowax, was thrown off guard by this unusual call. I was in his stockpiles of records, looking for some overlooked Hip Hop, but I could tell by his tone that he was on an important call. After I pestered him for the skinny, he shot me the evil eye and whispered "I'm on the phone!" so I let it go.

Finally, after a bit more eavesdropping I realized Normskola was asking him to host a sale of some sealed copies of his best track. Of course he was honored by the proposal, and after a bit of back and forth phone tag they agreed on a 50/50 deal.

Ironically, half of the sale's profit goes to the Half Man himself. This is one of those rare ocassions when a DJ can buy a rare record knowing that the artist responsible for the work will benefit from the sale.

Read more at the Metrowax Blog and if there's still a few left, cop one before it's gone forever.

UPDATE: 2-5-11 - To be fair to all Hip Hop diggers, Wade's gonna restock this once a day until they are all gone, that way everyone gets a chance to buy a copy. First come, first served. As of right now, (2:00 CST 2-5-11) there is one in stock. Check back tomorrow if the cop one link shows out of stock.



  1. Thanks Buddy,

    Without your wink I would have passed on this but now I AM IN FOR A COPY!!!

    Peace, redtown07

  2. ^Nice!
    I think you'll dig it man!