Monday, February 21, 2011

Mad son: Fighting the Power Since Day One

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To reiterate what's stated above, this is a Hip Hop Blog; all things Hip Hop. That being said, don't mistake this post as a political post. This is no stretch; the protests in Madison is another facet of Hip Hop in action. If you think fighting the establishment for justice and equal rights is not Hip Hop, you've never really listened to the words of Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, 2 Pac, The Coup, Immortal Technique, X-Clan, Paris, Poor Righteous Teachers, and countless others.

I'm not going to get into the politics of left vs. right, but it all boils down to hard working blue and white collar Americans, including our teachers, transit workers, social workers, and all kinds of other civil servants, standing in the cold, fighting for the well being of their families and neighbors. They understand that what happens in Madison, after all is said and done, will happen in other states, so the fight is well beyond personal, and it has far reaching implications.

The people that are out there on the street (like the photographer of these images and activist Mike Schrader) documenting and photographing this movement are genuine Hip Hop journalists. The participants present at this week long movement (whether they like Hip Hop music or not) are participating in one of the most fundamentally positive aspects of rap; shedding light on injustice, provoking thought, prodding for change through freedom of speech and non-violent demonstrations.

(Damn the Empire!)

These Americans are actively practicing the freedom given to them by our country's forefathers. Unlike the apathetic or compliant citizens that are also either directly or indirectly affected by Governor Walker's proposed Union killer plan, these activists are anything BUT lazy. On the contrary, while they may not be at work right now, they are working harder than anyone sitting at their desk quietly mumbling under their breath about the impact this will have on the future of our nation.

Show your respect! Even if you disagree with this movement, you should support our hardest working Americans and stand up for their rights to be heard.

(Police and Firefighters are exempt from the cuts... For now.)

(short clip) Youtube Video of the honorable Rev. Jesse Jackson

"Don't put the burden of the economic collapse on our teachers' backs!" - Jesse Jackson

More news on Jesse Jackson in Madison Protest.

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  1. Yes Dude. Love it! Today Rev. Jackson marched from the capital to East Madison High School and back, (multiple miles) with teachers, students, and whomever wants to march for the workers rights that have made Wisconsin what it is. As I write , the state Assembly is convening on the matter at hand.

    "There's no justice, it's just us" - The late great GURU.